Guide To Buying Gold Chains Online

Gold is precious and very expensive. It is on most occasions used to make ornaments, and these ornaments come at an exorbitant cost, that’s why one should carefully take his or her time when buying gold in order to get value for their money. This quick guide will enlighten you on how to buy gold chains online. There are several tips to consider while shopping for gold chains online. The major ones include the type of karat; the gold is solid and finally the type of links. These are the major characteristics you should look out for when buying gold chains.

We have broken down some of these characteristics to give you a clue on what to be specific on.

1. Platted and hollow gold chain

Most people will be looking for the price of the chain forgetting that cheaper chains are plated while the costly ones are made entirely from gold. Plating is a jeweler’s trick that entails covering the surface of another metal with a gold cover. When new the chain will shine but after some time the upper lining will wear out requiring re-plating. This will end up costing you more money.

Another characteristic to look out for is the hollow or solid forms. Hollow chains are light in weight and not very strong, whereas the solid ones are strong and costly. Hollow chains will have the tendency to twist or break thus much care is required since repairing these types of chains is not easy.

2. The type of karat

Karat is simply the degree of purity of the gold used in the manufacture of the chain. For instance, 22Kt and 20Kt are purer than the 14Kt and 10Kt. The later has tougher metallic alloys embedded in them making them tougher thus not easily scratched. This can be preferred for gold chains that are regularly used as compared to the 22Kt and 20Kt which is softer and more susceptible to scratching. In case of this type of selections, you can easily get such chains online at Fraser Ross.

3. Link type

Gold chain link is the style with which the chain is made. There are several types of links and depending on your preferences, you will have a wide range to choose from. The link helps you to determine the ease at which the chain kink and this is a major determinant to which the chain breaks. On this factor, the herringbone chains and the omega chains which are generally flat twists easily. The snake chains, on the other hand, can twist on your cloth causing you problems.

Box chains and wheat chains are preferred by many shoppers for their strength and flexibility. They also have the ability to carry the extra weight of pendants and charms. Other factors to check include the clasp and chain smoothness. The texture of the chain is very important since the chain interacts with your skin and that might lead to discomfort if the chain is rough.

It is easy to shop online since you will save the time of going to the store and many online shops will deliver your product. The main caution you should take is to evaluate the dealer first before closing the transaction to avoid losing your funds.

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