Fondue Slippers

A Japanese designer came up with the concept of amazing shoes, which have been dubbed fondue shoes. They are produced by such an amazing technology that eliminates even the slightest discrepancy in size.


Imagine a shoe that is produced to perfectly fit your feet and in accordance with their slightest twists, bones, finger length and other such details. Such comfortable shoes were invented by Satsuki Ohata from Japan. With their help, he expects to “blow up” the shoe industry. The basic idea is that the buyer of this shoe puts a foot in PVC to create a cast of it.


When the cast dries, it becomes a sort of footwear suitable for wearing. Ohata invented these shoes when watching people eating Swiss fondue – melted cheese, where vegetables and chicken are dipped in. He immediately had the idea to dip his feet in some conventionally liquid material, which quickly hardens and turns into a comfortable pair of shoes.


Ohata recommends people to dip their feet heel up, if they want to get something like slippers; if they allow plastic to rise above the heel to the ankle, they will have real shoes. As long as they are dry, they will never get shabby, which is quite a practical value. Such shoes can be washed in the sink and dried with a towel.


However, experts doubt that these shoes will become popular on the street because any sharp object on the road will easily tear the material and will hurt the owner’s shoes. They are best used instead of slippers at home. The designer has already promised to solve this problem in the nearest future.

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