Ditch The Heavy Guidebooks, All You Need Is Your Device

Decades ago, popular publishers branded the service of providing keen travel advice. Today, if you have a Facebook account you can ask friends. If you have a home computer, visit scores of resources. And, if you’re using a mobile device, a number of applications help do things like translate sentences and find the cheapest stay accommodations.



Viber allows users to leverage a number of connection mediums (texts, emails, video messaging, etc) to stay in contact with loved ones around the city or throughout the world. If you’re taking a random, unexpected, or scheduled-as-normal trip, you don’t have to worry about staying connected to friends and family, or keeping tabs on work peers and a place of business.


It’s difficult enough to choose what to prepare for dinner; it’s even more difficult to navigate the streets of foreign territories and delicacies on an empty stomach. The Foodspotting application helps align food tastes with nearby places more than willing to let you taste what they have to offer. Such an application is great for vegetarians and vegans with special diets who want to identify ingredients and restaurants that can satiate hunger and special diets.


Hipmunk is winning the hearts of frequent and infrequent travelers alike. The application alerts users about best prices on air travel and hotels. It even provides information about layovers and integrates information from common travelers to alert others about brand-related customer service likelihoods. In an era when flight prices fluctuate and not much difference rests in accommodations, Hipmunk helps save a few to thousands of dollars.


Evernote is more or less a digital notebook, yet its power of integration makes it especially convenient and popular with travelers. Store flight information, links to travel applications, and quick tips regarding places to eat, drink, and sleep. Evernote works easily from an iPhone or other mobile device; it’s easy to add information at the airport, in a taxi, or while waiting in the lobby of a prospective hotel. You’ll need entertainment for your travels. Seek videos on YouTube using a YTD to download, convert, and play sought content.

Just remember to respect intellectual property rights when using downloaded material.


You know what protocols to follow when a family member gets hurt on domestic grounds, but what about when traveling abroad? This safety-centered application gathers all of the emergency-related numbers (fire, police, and poison control) of a given area, so travelers don’t have to worry about quick responses and well being when abroad. It’s better to be safe than sorry – reserve a few moments to collect needed intelligence essentials!


You leave work, turning the corner of a major avenue to quickly find walls of traffic. It doesn’t matter because you have a number of ways to get home based on familiarity of the area. However, you don’t host such insights when traveling abroad or unfamiliar territory. Waze allows users to leverage the inside knowledge of others, providing main and alternate routes to calculated destinations.


Well, you’ll need something to talk to the natives about once you get to your to-be destination; with WeatherPro, you’ll be able to state the immediate obvious as well as make conversation about the coming days’ weather. The weather app features over two-million individual destinations, making it easy for packers to know what to expect for the days ahead. Are you going to need an umbrella or sunscreen? You’ll want to ‘fit in’ where you’re going; WeatherPro ensures you won’t look like a square regarding dressing weather appropriate.

Air Sharin


There are a number of ways to utilize applications to avoid online dependence. The Air Sharing app lets iPhone owners turn the phone into a computer hard drive, making it possible to host scores of data to sift through while on a long flight or train ride. It’s a great application for busy owners and traveling reps who want to keep minds sharp about business while on the go.


It takes a patient and steady online shopper to secure a well-priced flight and hotel reservation. Kayak acts as a comparative search engine, ensuring users see what brands are offering the best prices available. Find hotels, flights, taxis and information leading to group deals using the mobile-phone ready application.


Traveling abroad is expensive considering the costs of airplane tickets and hotel rooms. To make matters a bit easier on the wallet, travelers seek public transportation versus renting a car. HopStop gives you the intelligence you need when seeking public transportation in a strange place. Save more money for better investments – like foreign foods, keeping more money in the wallet regarding travel costs.

Traveling is fun but it’s not always a pleasure cruise when it comes to finding the best flights, hotels, maps, and mobile applications. Now you’re packed and ready to go with a number of convenient and proven travel tools.

Charles White lives on the road and out of his suitcase. After seeing the world, he loves blogging about his insights into enjoyable travel, from smart packing tips to in-flight entertainment to discovering new places.

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