Female Feet Getting Bigger

“Cinderella-like” feet have always been quite rare in the world, but judging by recent statistical calculations, they may disappear altogether as a phenomenon. Experts say that the size of female feet increases steadily and is catching up with male parameters.


A recent study has shown that there are fewer women with small feet size nowadays, and the average foot of our female contemporaries has clearly got larger.

Over the past two decades, the average size of women’s shoes increased from 36.5 to 38 (6.5 to 7.5). The analysts comment on the situation and say that the feet of modern women are a couple of centimeters longer than the feet of their grandmothers.

Most likely, there is nothing to worry about in the growth of women’s feet. It is no secret that the development of modern humans occurs rapidly and is characterized by an explicit acceleration. But women themselves have a lot of hassle and trouble because of it. For example, research has revealed a tendency that the size of women’s feet is increasing; it also showed that 75% of women with big feet often do not find their shoe size in a store. As a result, women have to experience a whole bunch of unpleasant emotions: 72% of them feel disappointed, 29% fall into despair, 27% feel embarrassed, and 22.5% experience an obvious discomfort. These figures characterize the situation in those women whose feet – large, but not huge – do not exceed size 41.

The situation is much worse for the women whose shoe size is over 41. Half of the women with such feet admit that the search for shoes makes ​​them feel humiliated. In 42% of cases, these ladies’ hunt for shoes ends with drama, hysteria, and tears.

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