Dior Gold Tattoos Instead of Dior Bracelets?

These tattoos don't hurt

Dior has come up with a brilliant new idea for wearing jewelry, a modern and time-honored one at the same time. Or maybe it is not exactly jewelry? O.K., here goes: Dior marks this season with a limited edition collection of what else but gold tattoos that look a lot like real jewelry. The beautiful imitations are temporary images made of 24-carat gold, mostly cuffs, rings, and ring-shaped bracelets.

The tattoo sets, crafted by Dior’s jewelry designer Camille Miceli, were conceived as a part of the brand’s Christmas project to throw a grand ball in the 17th century style.

The Grand Ball Golden Tattoos collection also boasts charm bracelets; $120 the price tag says.

Getting a tattoo is expensive, but getting rid of a tattoo is also expensive but lasts much longer. And it does hurt. So think twice. Maybe it’s better to get a bracelet or just a temporary tattoo?