Diane Von Furstenberg stylish hospital gowns


Fashion has been there for a long time, but it is only in recent years that designers have started to actively explore all the possible scope of their talents. As it is, the issue of hospital gowns given to patients in American and British clinics has long been a source of worry both to designers and to doctors.

Diane Von Furstenberg stylish hospital gowns

The problem was not even about their white color, but rather their design: they are in the form of a vest and are tied at the back. One need not to be told that under such arrangement, prying eyes often see what is not worth showing. Therefore, in August 2009, the administration of the University of Southampton Clinic proposed a transformation of the hospital gown. Designers from the University of Montreal started to design gowns for them. Cleveland Clinic followed the experiment.

And the clinic was immediately lucky because Diane von Furstenberg took over the designing hospital gowns. The doctor of the clinic and the project supervisor Joan Ryan announced that this is the first design that meets the needs and desires of patients. The main criteria for selecting the model were of course convenience and comfort. However, Diane also added quite a lovely coloring.

The main thing now is for the number of patients in the hospital who will not refuse the designer clothes even for a while does not increase. Although a gown, it is still fashionable.

Source of the image: Newsweek.