Clothes from a Can That Will Always Fit

Imagine buying material in a can at a store, adjourning to a dressing-room and spraying first trousers, then a T-shirt onto yourself in a matter of minutes, guaranteeing a perfect fit! A stunt from a sci-fi flick? Don’t be in a hurry to shrug it off. It can be real in a matter of several months.

Fabrican clothes

A research to create what can be termed as instant clothing has been going on for years, resulting in the emergence of fabric in a can – Fabrican – non-woven and applied by spraying.

The instant clothes can is filled with short fibers held together by polymers and maintained in a liquid form by a solvent. When you spray on your just-bought blouse, the solvent evaporates while the mesh of the cross-linked cotton fibers forms the necessary piece of clothing.

Fabrican clothes

A spokesperson for Fabrican who described the scientific method of the new product pointed out that the sprayable shirts and trousers were “developed through interdisciplinary research, linking the subjects of engineering, material science and design.”

Dr. Manel Torres, who collaborated with Imperial College London, adds that the Fabrican clothes can be further treated just like ordinary ones – we can take them off, get them washed and put on again.

The only problem that may arise is that bodily hairs that get caught into the skin-tight sprayed-on clothes may be pulled out as you undress.

Aside from fashion possibilities that Fabrican offers, Dr. Torres believes the medical industry will realize the vast field of its employment in making dressings, bandages and patches that can be applied fast and easily.

Source of the image: News.softpedia, Geekosystem.

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