Awesome Style Tricks We Learned from the French

We are talking about the time-tested tricks that will help add notes of the impeccable French style to the image today.

The French style has long been firmly established in the status of an independent brand, embodying such qualities as thoughtful negligence, chic, naturalness and sexuality.

Girls from all over the world dream of being like French women, they are glorified in cinema and literature, and their image is used by trademarks to create the desired halo around their product – be it cosmetics, wine or clothing.

Trick #1. Trench makes the image

If you are not sure which wardrobe item you should invest in, feel free to choose a trench coat! Be sure to have a little loose cut, midi length, with a belt that you will tie with a careless knot, completely ignoring the buckle invented by the manufacturer.

Why is it an investment? It will serve you faithfully almost all year round, looking equally appropriate even with jeans and sneakers, even with a cocktail dress and boat shoes.

Trick #2. Red lipstick is the most important thing in your cosmetic bag

The effect of red lipstick is akin to light magic: it adds self-confidence and allows you to feel more feminine and attractive. It has the power to turn a daytime look into an evening look at the moments of changing plans spontaneously after work or create the effect of thoughtful makeup even in case of its absence.

Most importantly, absolutely every woman has her own ideal red shade, which will depend on the color of the skin and hair. You just need to find it, which is sometimes difficult, but still possible!

Trick #3. Perfect jeans as a uniform

Let’s admit: jeans can be found in the wardrobe of almost every girl today (more often, the case is not limited to just one pair). The secret is to spend time and energy searching for the very model that will hide the flaws of the figure, emphasizing its merits and make the legs seem longer. So you get a uniform for all occasions.

Trick #4. A straw bag all year round

I’m unlikely to tell you a secret if I say that a straw bag for a beach holiday resort has grown into a stylish detail of urban images. I propose to be inspired by the images of the French British Jane Birkin herself and have a straw bag as a riot against boredom and stereotypes – luxuriously and confidently.

The main rule is: whatever form, size, and color you choose, try to be careful with the decor. It should be concise and discreet.

Trick #5. The best shirts and T-shirts can be found in men’s departments

Incredible, but true: men’s clothing makes a woman look much more elegant and sexier. In addition, such products usually have a laconic and relaxed cut that we cannot always find in the women’s departments of brands. Do not be afraid of conventional rules and search for perfect shirts and T-shirts in men’s departments (or in your husband’s / boyfriend’s closet). Tuck the sleeves knot the flap – voilà!

Trick #6. Styling without laying

You will have to work hard if you decide to search for a Parisian woman with impeccable styling. The secret of true French styling is its deliberate absence. It gives the image of corporate negligence and audacity. In reality, everything is not so simple: such styling involves your favorite hairdresser, carefully selected hair care products, and a textured spray. But others do not need to know about it.

Trick #7. Choice of jewelry: mix but do not shake

Not a single outfit will look complete without properly placed accents – thoughtfully and tastefully selected jewelry. Modern girls do not wear boring sets, they prefer a much more creative approach.

French women do not chase brands: family jewels come together with finds from the flea market, and Cartier is seasoned with modern jewelry in their casket (and image). It would be nice for us to learn from them!