Shoe Trends for Summer 2020

Summer has come! We are talking about the most fashionable shoe models of the season, which you should definitely pay attention to.

Geometry: sharp or square toes

Do not forget about the 1990s: they are still in fashion, and this summer they have returned to us in the form of a square toe. If your shoes seem creepy to you, choose sandals or mules – they look fashionable and even fresh.

Good old classics, sharp toes that are lengthening the leg, are also trendy. Pay attention that it should be a neat triangular toe. They can definitely add femininity and self-confidence.

Caution: short girls are not recommended to wear shoes with a long toe, otherwise it will create the impression of skiing.

Ribbons and shoelaces around the foot

These are already trends from the noughties. However, in addition to the usual ribbons and long leather threads, stylists suggest tying the most ordinary shoelaces around the foot (for example, in sneakers).

Heel: elaborate, block and kitten hill

The fashion for comfort does not cancel the heel. However, it continues to transform. Impractical stilettos turned into a block heel, which is not so difficult to wear for the whole day at work. If this option is not too convenient, but you want to feel more feminine, choose a very small heel, which is called kitten hill. As for the fans of original fashion, fancy heels are offered.

Sneakers: still big, but no longer “ugly”

This year, stylists continued to treat the classic “ugly boots” as an anti-trend. Fashionistas still choose large models, but they no longer resemble dad’s sneakers that have been worn for at least five years. Colors are the most diverse, but white and animal prints (especially the texture of crocodile or snakeskin) remain trendy.

The trend also includes sports models and standard sneakers. Most importantly: boldly wear them with anything. Either with a dress or with jeans.

Flip flops

Another important summer trend is the strap between the toes. The emphasis on toes in the form of decor (for example, a ring) is always welcome.

Brands offered not only the classic versions of such shoes, but also models in which the big toe completely remains “free”, or sandals with heels. We are not sure of the practicality of such shoes, but they will surely draw attention.