8 Trendiest Summer Wedding Dresses

We have chosen the most spectacular outfits from the world bridal fashion designers.


Perhaps it is in the summer – the hottest wedding season – that fashion houses demonstrate their most outstanding works. In addition, summer months have almost no restrictions – the dress should only be obscenely beautiful, while in the cold season you need to conceal the flowing fabrics under a sheepskin jacket.


The American designer’s latest collection presents light, airy silhouettes – mermaid, A-line, Empire, and puffed skirts that have already become Vera’s specialty.


There is plenty to choose from in the collection, but perhaps the most prominent item is the dress with a knee-length skirt. Legs are revealed in stylish, anti-classic way, and at the same time are hidden under a veil of fabric. All attention is given to complex multi-level skirt; the bodice does not steal the attention – a great option for those who feel it most advantageous to reveal legs instead of breasts.

Berta Bridal Summer 2014

The Israeli brand’s specialty is a combination of lace and pearls. Dresses from Berta Bridal are, perhaps, the most feminine – all outfits fully emphasize the silhouette and the bride’s curves. However, this brand is focused on model standards – along with stressing the advantages, the dress will also make the flaws noticeable. However, these dresses are worth going on a diet.


The Spanish brand seems to have occupied the niche of “smooth” dresses. Satin dresses a la Cinderella are a trump card of the fashion house this season. In addition to classic dresses in restrained English style, the collection contains a variety of silhouettes and textures. However, smooth satin dresses are an innovative trend for PRONOVIAS.


One of the most luxurious ones – unassuming at first glance, but complex and multi-level at a closer look – is the BERNADETTE dress. It is an ideal option for an aristocratic wedding, without unnecessary pretentiousness, but with royal dignity.


The Lebanese fashion designer has his own line of wedding dresses for PRONOVIAS, but the brand’s independent collection also has outfits for this occasion. The crown of the collection is this truly magical translucent dress. An amazing floral applique all over the dress gives the impression that the bride has been showered with petals of perennial precious flowers. In addition, thanks to the flesh-colored bottom layer of the dress, it seems that there is no fabric on the body – as if the bride is enveloped by stardust. The dress looks like an attire of a nymph – so unearthly is its texture.


Zuhair Murad MARRIAGE/2015

Here is another, no less talented Lebanese designer. Dresses of his brand are one of the most expensive in the bridal fashion industry. However, you could give any money for these dresses. It is difficult to choose one from the latest Zuhair Murad collection: all dresses are real works of art. You may notice that Zuhair Murad, as well as Elie Saab, is inspired by light floral appliques. However, his Lebanese counterpart still made this idea more advantageous. Therefore, the best in Zuhair Murad collection is probably Ashley dress. It is a peacock dress with a black skirt above the knee, leaving behind a luxurious trail – the brand’s business card.



The Spanish brand created by two sisters – Yolanda and Cristina – has long received the status of the most avant-garde in the world of bridal fashion. Creating their dresses, the designers playfully mix eras, styles, and subcultures. It is hard to find another brand so eclectic. Vintage motifs, Boho elements, hippie patterns, rock ‘n’ roll chic, and bohemian charm run through the whole collection, and all this can be combined in one dress.



The collection of the Israeli brand uses rhinestones and crystals, pearl beads and handmade lace. The brand prefers mermaid silhouette. The color scheme is snowy-white, with no shades of ivory. The most unusual dress of the collection is the one with a lace top-collar. It proves that a dress covering the maximum of the body can be at times sexier than one with a deep neckline.


Julie Vino COLLECTION 2014

This designer creates dresses like goddesses of the ancient Greece. If Aphrodite married in the XXI century, she would probably go to the Julie Vino boutique. The latest models of the collection are distinguished by a noble metal gold trimming. A tight bodice emphasizes the silhouette, and a double skirt creates a keyhole effect: the fabric falls to the floor like multiple curtains, allowing a sharp eye to notice legs.

However, for all the fabric play, the outfit looks quite conservative. The slits here are just an innocent prank. And, of course, a chance to demonstrate the multilevel attire: the basic skirt conceals its shortened copy, embroidered with golden ornaments matching the overall style.

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