7 Ways to Develop a Sense of Style

When do we say the words “She is dressed with taste” or “What a stylish girl!” “She clearly has a style”? When we notice a person who has got something appealing in her clothes. When we see how harmoniously all the elements of the image are combined. When every trifle proves that the details have been carefully considered.


Many believe that a sense of style is the innate quality. However, this is not true. Of course, there are people who intuitively notice what is combined to advantage, and what is not; which colors highlight the beauty better, and which make you old or depersonalized. However, a sense of style and taste can and should develop. And today we’ll talk about how to do it.

  1. Firstly, look at your own wardrobe. If there are things that you do not wear (according to the universal rule: if you do not use anything during 2 years, there are chances that you will not use it at all), as well as hopelessly small ones (“Someday I will lose weight!”) or large (you bought them five years ago with the decision to make them smaller), outdated or badly worn – get rid of them as soon as possible. Also be ruthless to get rid of the things, even new and beautiful ones, unless you feel completely comfortable in them. A sense of style has no place to grow and has turned into a very real feeling while you find it difficult to throw a jacket away!
  2. Second, try the items on! Now that you have only wearable things, start to try them on and match them with each other. Yes, try every blouse with every skirt and pants on – perhaps there are new options, which you have not guessed about. It may take a lot of time, but has this lack of time ever prevented us, women, from doing something? The best ideas and combinations of clothes can be jotted down. Get the maximum of successful attires from your wardrobe (even if it is not too large), abandoning the options that do not suit you.
  3. Get familiar with the appropriate colors. One of the easiest ways to do this is to draw pieces of cloth of various colors and shades closer to the face. Not to forget the results, write them down on a piece of paper and divide it into two columns – “match” and “mismatch”. If you cannot decide on your own, appeal to your friend for help, you can even arrange a joint selection of colors; maybe, she will find something new for herself.
  4. How to determine what shade really fits you? You will immediately understand it. “Your” shade will make your appearance sparkle with new colors: the eyes will shine, the skin will look fresh and rested… If you feel a similar thing, feel free to buy an item of this color.
  5. Now, by analyzing the available items and identifying the right colors, you can gradually begin to replenish the wardrobe. Draw inspiration from fashion magazines and websites about fashion and style, read the advice of stylists, and watch fashion shows. Do not try to blindly copy your favorite images from the models. Take advantage of the better ideas, but adapt them to yourself.
  6. Pay attention to details: a small but original and expensive clutch will “save” even a simple and not very expensive image, and the original belt, decoration on the neck or a bracelet will tell others about the taste of the owner. Find your style and use it in the images – for some it would be unusual shoes, for others it is author’s jewelry, for the third it is the original haircut or styling. Make some insignificant trifle your business card!
  7. Finally, one should add that this style and taste go hand in hand with neatness and even some scruples in the image – if you prefer mess in clothes, then let it be creative and designed in advance.