4 Essential Tips to Dress Well

In this world of social media, women get a lot of influence on Facebook, Instagram, etc. When they see that every other girl on the internet is posting pictures or videos with amazing dressing, they start to wonder that how is it possible for all of them to look well-dressed all the time. This is because, normally, they themselves find it difficult even to make a choice about what they can wear for an event, for office, for the party, for a festival, etc.

This article is written to give these women a solution to the most common problem of ‘what to wear?’ There are just three things that the women readers can follow to make this problem vanish like it never existed before. These are:


The clothing that you chose should be appropriate to the occasion. This means that, where ever you are going, there is a certain type of clothes that you must wear so that they look appropriate to that occasion. For instance, if you are going out with friends, your clothing must be friendly, while when you go for some office meeting, your dressing must be friendly but at the same time, it should look authoritative.

This is how dressing must be decided, such as, when you go to a formal event, you must try to stick to the coat. If you do not have a coat, you can carry a jacket with you. Just suppose what you are supposed to be in that event and chose the dress according to it.


Every woman must learn the fact that they need to be authentic to themselves. They must stick to what they are inside out. For instance, if you are a stay at home mom, and when you go out with friends in short dress, then you would never feel comfortable wearing it. Also, it will never look authentic on you.

This creates nothing but a mess. A woman must wear a certain type of clothes, such as lose casual clothes, punk clothing, etc., that she is comfortable with. Rather than following the trends and friends, just follow what you feel suits you. Only then you will feel comfortable, and also the tension of choosing or buying new clothes could be avoided. This thing will always give them an upper hand because when a woman is comfortable in what she is wearing, she will feel confident, and if she is confident, she will look great.


A woman must always wear a dress that she looks attractive in. It must go with her body shape, with the color of her hair, eyes, and skin. For instance, if a woman has dark colored skin, she must go for primary colors, which include red, black, white and blue.

With your styling, you are enhancing your personality. A woman must decide very carefully about what she can wear and what she cannot because it shapes her whole personality. Therefore, the choice must be made by keeping these points in mind so that next time, you may not stand in front of wardrobe and wonder what to wear in next few hours for the event.

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