2019’s Hottest Bridal Trend: Naked Wedding Dresses

An increasing number of women prefer to get married wearing a provocative dress with a naked body effect.

Wedding fashion does not stand still: trends change annually, and dresses with puffy skirts, train and voluminous sleeves have been replaced by strict elegant silhouettes. However, in 2019, the minimalism effect predominates in the beauty sphere and has already reached bridal outfits – an increasing number of women prefer to go to the altar in a barely noticeable wedding dress.

Perhaps such a bold image is far from the traditional wedding dress, but this season you can increasingly spot brides wearing a bizarre combination of transparent fabrics, flesh-colored linings and the thinnest lace, leaving virtually no room for imagination.

It is worth noting that “naked” dresses have become increasingly popular in the past few years: they smoothly migrated from fashion catwalks to the red carpet of the most prestigious festivals and world award ceremonies, where greatest celebrities displayed them in front of cameras.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the fashion trend eventually reached wedding fashion: following Hollywood celebrities, women want to add chic and glamor to the outfit for the main day of their life and to get in the spotlight.

Source of the images: Pinterest