7 Signs of Emotional Immaturity & Ways It Affects Your Career

It is unlikely that anyone can argue with the fact that age is only a figure in the passport. Even young creatures may look as if they have lived for many, many years and have learned the meaning of life. On the contrary, active, positive and self-aware adults will not attract their peers. Instead, they will draw the ones who are much younger. If you still have not learned how to make independent decisions, hoping for adults to do everything for you, do not be surprised why you are not trusted with responsible projects and are never taken seriously. Geniusbeauty.com would like to tell you what emotional immaturity is and how it can affect your career.

“You are acting like a child!” “It’s not a kindergarten!”. Have you heard such phrases? Or maybe you have pronounced them in relation to others?

The body has grown, but the behavior remains childish. Perplexity, misunderstanding, emotional stupor are what we feel when faced with emotionally immature people.

Here are the main signs of an emotionally immature person (check if you have something from this list):

  • You are unable to psychologically overcome difficulties and problems. People seem to fall into a problem (even the smallest one) and bury themselves in it. You cannot support yourself. The adult inside you is very weak.
  • You are unable to solve problems and tasks on your own and are looking for ready-made instructions. If the instruction is not found, you feel at a loss and do nothing, continuing to live with problems for years.
  • You get self-assertive at the expense of others. It becomes easier for a person when he deliberately degrades the virtues and merits of others. It’s easier to justify your inaction.
  • You cannot plan your life. Imagine that you are sitting in a boat and have not touched the oars yet. The boat is just floating, and you are waiting for it to bring you to some treasure island.
  • You are prone to addictions. Smoking, alcohol, overeating etc. This is the easiest, albeit harmful way to enjoy life.
  • You are unable to take responsibility. Ideally, you need to find someone who will be responsible for something in your life. You want to simply step back from any decisions. This is the main tactic of “immature” adults.

  • You derive pleasure from suffering, the position of a victim, when circumstances and other people are to blame, and a feeling of infinite self-pity! The worst thing is that a person feels miserable, but at the same time very good in this position, because in any case it is easier to live that way.

Emotional immaturity is reflected in all walks of life. It interferes with career growth. Such people complain about insufficient salary, blaming the leader for everything. They cannot start a business or they quit it and fail at the very beginning.

How to get rid of emotional immaturity:

The ability to plan and set goals. Starting with the smallest ones. This is one of the most important skills of personal effectiveness. The principle of target decomposition is very helpful here: we disassemble the goal into small pieces. This is evident in the most clear example of baking bread. To make it, you need to: buy ingredients, knead the dough, put it into shape, and bake. To achieve any goal, it just needs to be broken down into smaller steps. Start with simple tasks. For example, with planning a day off, which must be unusual, with something new in it.

The notorious way out of the comfort zone is how a person grows up. Even if you are over 30–40–50, it’s never too late to grow up! Children develop incredibly powerfully when they learn to crawl or climb into a chair. An adult needs new horizons that are unattainable in order to develop and get mature! Do not quit your job to dramatically change your life. First of all, let it be a new dish, a new way to work, new people in the environment that inspire you, new music, a new genre of cinema that you have never watched before. Gradually, you will expand your ability to act in a new way, and this will help you move to the next stage of development!

The ability to negotiate with yourself. The internal dialogue will look like this: I really want a chocolate bar. – Don’t you want to lose weight? – But the chocolate bar is already in my hands, and I really want to eat it! – You need to choose – either a beautiful figure or momentary pleasure. (What will you choose?)

Our life consists of such dialogues. It consists of choosing and reaching agreements. A child is not capable of this. He will eat ten candies without thinking. But we are adults! Do not reach hasty decisions, stop and think, talk to yourself. This is a sign of an adult personality.

Work in your favorite business. When you do what you truly like, growing up is easy. Just like in a game, when it is interesting to reach the next level! Finding the business of your life that will give pleasure, make sense and bring a good income is one of the most important tasks of a person!

Proactive behavior. Imagine that you see a child running on the road. You foresee a potential outcome and abruptly stop the child. It is all the same with yourself. If you see that something is going or can go wrong, it is important to prevent it by taking action in advance. Most people work with consequences, when things already happen. Proactive adults act in advance, avoiding problems!

Try to make a plan of five steps that you will stick to in the next 72 hours. Thus, you will start the mechanisms that will help you change your life for the better.

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