Wonderful Weight Loss Products

While some nutritionists are sweating over the development of new diets, others are coming up with life hacks for the already familiar things and products. Could you think that tableware can help you in losing weight? Or that cookies will turn into a component of a diet from a ‘non grata’ product?


Wonder plate against overeating

Swedish scientists are busy creating amazing dishes. Since hardly any person can stop while gulping down tasty dishes, now a talking plate will take care of your appetite.

The miraculous technology will serve as scales, as well as take control of the speed with which a person eats. If you are in a hurry, as it often happens during a meal, the plate will not keep silent – it will immediately warn you with a phrase like “Do not hurry, eat slowly”. The plates will be equipped with a sensor system for this purpose.

The Swedes believe in the immense popularity that awaits their innovation system. In fact, rush is one of the main causes for overeating. The stomach does not have time to send a signal about saturation to the brain. As a result, a person continues eating, because he or she is sure to be still hungry. However, if you consume food slowly, and allow the signal to reach the brain in time, you will eat much less, and it is a way to normalize weight. So we have to wait until the plate goes on sale, and say goodbye forever to the habit of eating in a hurry, which is harmful not only for the figure, but also for digestion.

Cookies are no more a slim body harmful product

The UK nutritionists created a cookie that contains a lot of useful substances and is aimed at getting rid of excess weight. Dr Sarah Brewer believes that these useful sweet things can help lose weight and get healthier.

Doctors have always warned that if you want to eat a dessert, you should not do it after the main course. Let the dessert be a separate meal (e.g., lunch or snack).

If you have a look at its composition, you will realize that it can serve as a full-fledged meal. By the way, the author of the diet using this cookie is Dr. Sanford Siegal from the U.S.

Dr. Siegal says that the cookies include milk and amino acids that help to satisfy hunger. They also contain extremely useful oats, rice and other cereals, as well as egg protein, which is also part of the cookie. The rapeseed oil contained in the cookies is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids.

A cookie is very nourishing. By the way, it contains no sugar in it at all, so that it can rightly be called dietary.

In the UK, the cookies are promoted not only as a dietary product for adults, but also as a useful treat for children. After all, many children cannot stand porridge, but cookies rich in cereals and other beneficial substances are always asked-for.

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