Women Start Gaining Weight at 38, Men at 44

The saying that people get fat because of getting older rather than because of wrong food habits has got scientific evidence. It has been revealed that women begin to gain weight during the period from 35 to 40, and men – from 40 to 45.


Forza Supplements Dietary company has surveyed more than 1,000 people to find out whether the statement that most people gain weight in middle age is truthful. It turned out that this belief was true. Women consider themselves the most vulnerable to weight gain in the period from 35 to 40. This is because at this period of life they are usually married (so there is no need to retain an increased sex appeal and keep dating); they also have children. Many women dine twice: first with their children and then when the husband returns from work.

Men are more likely to gain weight from 40 to 45. They blame the stress of divorce, as well as the busy work schedule, which prevents them from visiting the gym frequently. The most dangerous age for men is 44 years because at this point their career is at its peak, and they have no time left for anything. Women have marked the age of 38 years as critical.

However, after 40 women start dieting again simply because they are afraid of their own age, and their desire to prolong youthfulness increases dramatically. Women rush to gyms, start jogging and cycling and attend dance classes. However, the desire to improve their figure gradually weakens; by the age of 50 ladies treat their weight more philosophically.

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