Weight Maintenance Diet

Most of the people who managed to lose weight with the help of a diet are puzzled with the question of how to maintain the results. It turns out that it is enough to adhere to a very simple maintenance diet.


What Is the Maintenance Diet?

In Britain, there is an increasing popularity of the Maintenance Diet. It is specially designed for those people who have managed to lose weight and would like to maintain the results. The return of the lost weight after the diet happens to 80% people. Alas, as soon as we cease to control ourselves, everything that we have managed to lose for months, quickly returns.


It is difficult to continue restricting your nutrition for the rest of life, if the cherished goal has been achieved. You will want to relax and eat something delicious. That is the time for the maintenance diet. Its followers allocate one day a week (usually Tuesday or Wednesday, not to spoil the weekend) on which they severely restrict their diet. On other days, you can stick to a traditional diet, of course, in reasonable proportions.


Another important factor in the success of the maintenance diet is exercise. You need to move as much as possible, because, as studies show, people who go on a diet reduce the level of physical activity by 40%. However, when a person moves less, the body burns fewer calories. 150 minutes of exercise per week, equivalent to a half hour’s walk every day, is perfect.

Maintenance Diet Plan

On the diet day it is recommended to replace all conventional dairy products by those that contain soy milk or yogurt. Eat plenty of rice, vegetables, and fruits. On other days, it is recommended to have no more than three servings of sweet food a week (chocolate, cake, cookies, etc.). You are allowed to eat any food, but you need to carefully monitor portion sizes and try not to overeat.

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