Twitter Diet

BusinessNewsDaily reports that the users of social networking find it easier to lose weight than those who do not communicate on the Internet. What is the reason for that?

Weight loss

The study, conducted at the University of South Carolina (USA), involved 96 men and women, who were overweight and obese. The volunteers were divided into two groups. One group received recommendations on reducing weight every 2 weeks, and the other group was constantly in touch with an expert by means of an online consultation and had the opportunity to discuss their weight loss results. The second group received all their recommendations via Twitter applications on their mobile devices.

All the participants of the study have lost weight. However, better results were achieved by those who were constantly in touch on Twitter. The researchers have even found that every 10 posts on Twitter lead to a weight loss of 0.5%.

The results of the study give the experts and consultants on nutrition some ideas to think over. Usually, they assist their patients only once a week, when conducting classes in the groups of dieters. It seems that they can achieve better results in their work if they communicate with their clients with the help of social networks, letting their patients be interested in the results of other people and consult online.

It just remains to conclude that support is important in any business.

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