Sleeping Naked Promotes Weight Loss

It turns out that sleeping naked is very beneficial for health. Such sleep is useful for both the physical and psychological state of the person.

A Sleeping Woman

A person, sleeping naked, sleeps better because in this case the body is not exposed to excessive heat and maintains its natural temperature. Yet another positive effect is found: sleeping without clothes helps to lose weight.

This is due to a more restful sleep of a naked man, which leads to the reduction of the stress hormone, cortisol. It maintains the energy of the body and controls hunger. On the contrary, disturbed sleep increases cortisol levels, and waking up in the morning, a person will have a strong feeling of hunger, which will lead to consuming a large amount of food.

Sleeping naked has a number of other benefits. Overheating of the body because of clothes influences the growth hormone and melatonin, which are fundamental in the process of anti-aging changes. When body temperature is natural, the skin is restored better, and the growth hormone is produced more actively.

When both partners sleep naked and the surfaces of their bodies touch, oxytocin is produced, which makes their sex life more intense and passionate.