Red Colored Utensil Prevents Overeating

According to a recent study, the use of red utensils significantly reduces the possibility of overeating.

Woman is eating a huge sandwich

This phenomenon is explained by the fact that in the process of human evolution the red color began to be associated with danger. Therefore, those who use red dishes have a significantly reduced desire to snack often.

According to the statement made by Ursula Arens, who is a specialist of the British Dietetic Association, red marking would be good to use on those foods that are harmful to health. According to nutritionists, this could reduce the consumption of these products. This statement has been tested on forty one male students, who were asked to drink from blue and red cups. As a result, people drank less from red cups.

The second part of the experiment, which involved one hundred and nine students, presupposed treating the volunteers with ten pretzels on red, white and blue plates. In this case, the people who took the cookies from the red plate, ate less than the others.

So, if your goal is to lose weight, opt for red dishes and cups while eating!

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