Orange Juice as Sweet as Coke

UK Government’s health adviser, professor Susan Jebb, encourages people to give up drinking orange juice. It contains as much sugar as Coca-Cola does.


Professor Jebb herself some time ago completely excluded orange juice from her diet, and now she suggests doing it to everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle. You may also dilute this drink with water before use. This scientist gives advice to the government, which afterwards become the official recommendations for all citizens. For example, in the UK there is a recommendation on the use of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Professor Jebb says she would not include orange juice into these five servings. The content of mineral nutrients in the drink can not be compared to that in fruits and vegetables. The juice contains as much sugar as cokes do. Moreover, the body absorbs it too quickly, and by the time when the drink reaches the stomach, the body does not understand if it is Coke or juice.

According to the scientist, a person can easily give up orange juice by replacing it with real fruit. Professor Jebb said that sugar is becoming a threat to the nation, like tobacco or alcohol. She encourages food manufacturers to reduce sugar content in their products by at least 30%. Professor Jebb was supported by many other scientists who have calculated that such a decrease would reduce the level of an average daily diet by 100 calories. Given the increasing obesity epidemic, it seems quite relevant.

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