6 Tricks to Keep Your Hair Volumized Despite Wearing a Hat

Winter climate is the enemy of voluminous hairstyles. Hairdos are spoilt because of the wind, snow and frost, and, of course, hats. However, there are a few tricks to use if you want to wear a hat and still have volumized hair.


1. Wash Your Hair Before Going out

According to hairdressers, there are not so many tricks to do that (though perhaps experts are reluctant to reveal all their secrets). Wash your hair at least two hours before leaving the house – that allows you to keep hair volume under the hat. In this case, it is best to use volumizing shampoos and conditioners and use a hairdryer to consolidate the effect. This is enough to keep the hair volumized under a hat.

2. Avoid Hair Styling Products

Hair styling products should be applied with extreme caution before putting on a hat. In fact, it is better not to use them if you have to go somewhere in winter weather – otherwise the hat will create an unnecessary pressure on your hair treated with styling products, and the hairdo will deform. If you cannot do without a hairspray, better take it with you and use it already on the spot.

3. Hair Volume Secret

Another trick that helps keep your hair volumized in winter is to collect your hair in a bun under the hat. Make a bun, put on the hat – and voila! Everything you need to do then is to take off the hat and shake your head. However, this method requires some skill, so you will have to practice in front of the mirror.


4. How to Keep Your Bang Volumized?

A bang should be lifted at the roots before putting on a hat. You can also lightly backcomb the strands where you want to create volume. It is better to use a comb, with large widely spaced teeth. Combed curls should be hairsprayed at the roots with a volumizing hairspray and then smoothed from above. Do not forget that you should style only wet hair after shampooing. Dried strands keep the form much worse.

5. Avoid Too Warm Hats

In addition, it is important that the hat should not be too warm. Otherwise, the moisture will ruin your hair, and may even provoke a cold. Take off the hat indoors.

6. Headwear Size & Material

The material and shape of the hat are important too. Choose wool, cashmere or cotton – then the hair will not lose its volume. Synthetic materials should be avoided. The hat should not be too tight, so it does not press the hair.

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