Nighthawks Gain Weight Faster than Early Risers


The scientists from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, USA, have found that a girl being inclined to excessive weight may depend on whether she belongs to a certain biological type and what way of life she has.

Woman eating cake

Whether she prefers to keep early hours and go to bed earlier as the so-called lark, or she has a nocturnal way of life, waking up around lunch, and falls into the category of owls. It turns out that there is a direct link between these two factors, and the risk of extra kilos of weight is higher for those women who go to bed too late.

The studies have shown that the women, who have the “owl” lifestyle, not just stay awake till late at night, but are more likely to use unhealthy food products, at bedtime in particular. As a result, many of them weigh more than women who go to bed and wake up early. Thus, the average woman who likes nightlife daily consumes 248 calories more than the “larks”. In this case, a large portion of this amount of energy is fat foods, fast foods and sugary sodas.

The owl-women receive the basic amount of calories during lunch and late at night when most people are asleep. As noted by one of the leaders of the research, Professor Kelly Glaser, even a slight increase of food repeated every day can lead to weight gain of about 2 pounds (900 g) per month, especially if the excess calories are not balanced enough with vigorous physical activity. It is important to know not only the amount of calories, but the time of eating as well.

Source of the image: Photl.