Metabolic Syndrome: Why Do You Gain Weight?

We’ve heard about the obesity epidemic for the last decades. And the Covid-19 pandemic has made it worse. There are different reasons for obesity, such as genetics, hormonal imbalance, digestive conditions, and an unhealthy way of life. But today, doctors increasingly diagnose metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. What is it and how does it affect your health and lifestyle?

What Causes Metabolic Syndrome?

Because of the wrong way of life and a high-carb diet (hamburgers, chocolate bars, white bread, etc.) our body cells lose the ability to respond normally to sugar. As a result, sugar doesn’t enter your cells. Both insulin and glucose accumulate in the blood and can’t get to the cells.

As time goes by, this imbalance escalates and causes a whole range of health issues, both hormonal and metabolic. This leads to malaise, gaining excess weight, shortness of breath, headache, and high blood pressure.

Why Is Metabolic Syndrome So Dangerous?

According to the Mayo Clinic, up to a third of the U.S. adult population has metabolic syndrome. It increases the risk of developing diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases.

Can I Prevent or Battle my Metabolic Disease?

Yes! In order to prevent it or get rid of it, just follow these simple rules.

Eat porridge and peas

A balanced diet is one of the best ways to normalize your weight and feel better. This is why it’s crucial to review your nutritional habits.

But don’t go to extremes, such as strict diets! Instead, eat more veggies, porridge, peas, beans, whole grains, and fruit. They all contain complex carbohydrates and will keep you full for longer while helping digestion.

By the way, following these tips will also improve your mood!

Avoid Using the Elevator

Use the stairs instead, because physical activity is one of the most important factors of good health. Find time for being active at least twice a week for 1 to 1,5 hours, too. If you’re too busy for sports, walk instead of going by car as often as you can.

Alcohol and smoking

In order to prevent metabolic syndrome, give up smoking and avoid alcohol. Besides, alcohol drinks are also rich in calories. It’s pretty difficult to kick these habits, but remember that they provoke malfunctions of almost all internal systems, depleting the body.

Avoid Stress

Stress is another reason for metabolic syndrome. Emotional distress, irritability, and chronic fatigue raise your blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A traffic jam, an argument with a colleague, homeschooling your kids – every day there is a nervous overload. But is it all worth your potentially worsened mental health?

Don’t opt for antidepressants immediately! There are ways of dealing with anxiety and stress, such as walks in the fresh air, a good high-protein breakfast, herbal teas, relaxing massages, reading a good book, meditation and breathing exercises.

Consult your doctor

If you not only suspect suffering from the metabolic syndrome but were diagnosed with it, make an appointment at your doctor’s. Just a detox week or losing 15 kg in a month on a strict diet won’t solve all your health problems at once.

Your doctor should advise you on a nutrition plan that will work for you and enable losing weight gradually, at most 2-3 kg per week. Besides, in case you need to take cholesterol medications, only a doctor can prescribe it.

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