Interior Contributes to Excess Weight Gain

Bryan Wansink, Professor in the field of nutrition, from Cornell University in New York, claims that the amount of consumed foods is influenced by the fact where we store food.

Foods in the kitchen

People eat the foods that immediately come to their attention three times more often. That is, if you look at the useful salad, it will be your choice for lunch. And if its ingredients are hidden away in the refrigerator, it is unlikely to happen.

The research team has photographed 100 kitchen cabinets and asked the volunteers to keep a food diary. Then another 100 people were invited, and the things in their kitchen cabinets were misarranged. It turned out that the food they saw first was often mentioned in the diaries.

The scientists believe that if crackers or cookies are in the foreground, a person involuntarily selects them. According to the experts, it is better to reject open shelves and have the kitchen cabinets that do not make people constantly look at food. This is especially true of express products that are good for snacks. And a small refrigerator and a plate of a small size with help to cope with overeating – they can reduce the amount of food consumed by 22%.

Source of the image: Photl.

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