Healthy Cooking Tips

Healthy Cooking TipsThe coming of fall season brings vitamin deficiency. And that’s not only because we get less fresh vegetables and fruit into our diet. As our body adapts to fall season, all nutrients are increasingly consumed. Here are some crucial tips to follow when keeping and cooking the food to make your diet as healthy as possible.

Fruits and Vegetables

Obviously, you have to wash vegetables and fruits well, but make sure you don’t soak them as it’s important to retain vitamins C and B.

Preparing Salads

Do not make more salad than you can eat up.

Don’t in Cooking

Do not cook using copper utensils, because they destroy such essential vitamins as C, E and folic acid.

Milk Keeping

Avoid keeping milk in glass containers as it results in losing riboflavin (vitamin B2) as well as vitamins A and D. Use enamelled containers.

Bread Keeping

Cover bread, otherwise it will lose its essential nutrients.

Cooking Cabbage and Beet

Make sure not to overcook cabbage and beet when boiling.

Preparing Oatmeal

Instead of boiling oatmeal, soak it in boiling water and cover to save all its health benefits.

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