Flat Belly & Thin Waist in 4 Weeks

Full hips and legs are still OK, it even arouses many men. However, few are willing to put up with a bulging belly. And they are right: there is nothing that spoils the figure of a woman so much as a lack of waist and a big belly does.


Where does a fat belly come from?

Let us list the most important causes provoking fat accumulation in the abdomen area (this can be one or a combination of several reasons):

  • Excessive caloric intake. Overeating and consuming large amounts of desserts leads to excess calories that transform into fat.
  • Consumption of food containing harmful cholesterol. Typically, there is much of it in very fatty foods.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. Lack of movement does not allow to burn calories that convert into fat.
  • Stress and nervous tension. A belly is often jokingly called a bundle of nerves, which is partially true. A big belly is often the result of stress and a hectic day. If you are nervous, your body produces cortisol, which prevents fat loss.
  • Digestive disorders. If you frequently experience constipation, toxins accumulate in the body. Your body begins to store fat around the waist and abdomen to protect you from the action of toxins. That is, the fat in the abdominal area can indicate serious faults in the gastrointestinal tract.

Three steps on the way to a flat belly

Here is a program, which consists of three main steps:

  • Purgation, getting rid of belly fat – the 1st and 2nd week.
  • Physical exercises – the 3rd and 4th week.
  • Diet – the 3rd and 4th week.

Let us consider each step in detail.

1. Purgation, getting rid of belly fat

If the intestine can be cleaned relatively quickly, getting rid of fat takes time, regularity, patience and considerable effort. Fat will disappear gradually, and you will see the first results in a few days after the start of the three-step program.

Purgation can last from 1 day to 2 weeks. There are several ways to do it, each of which is preferable to apply only after a consultation with your doctor:

Detox day diet or detox diet. Are you short of time? Then eat only cleansing foods for at least one day – smoothies, shakes, soups, or fruit. At the same time, give up baked and sweet foods, then you will quickly see the effect. However, it takes about 2 weeks to cleanse the body effectively.

Enema. This doubtful, as it may seem, method allows losing up to 20 kg weight! It is meant as a 2-week course of cleansing enemas. During the course of enemas, you should keep to an extreme diet: eat only meatless meals. Do two enemas a day for 2 weeks (in the morning and evening).

After cleansing, you must restore the intestine using bran or probiotics, which also contribute to weight loss. It is recommended to consume 30 grams of bran per day and drink plenty of water.

2. Exercises for the belly


Once you have done cleansing, take up physical exercise aimed at the abdominal muscles. At the same time, it should comply with a certain diet. You will read more about that in paragraph 3 (below). Abs exercises should be done for at least 2 weeks to obtain good results.

Start training with a hula hoop. Such exercises help the abdominal to warm up, improve blood circulation, and stimulate metabolism. Next, proceed to abdominal exercises. During the workout mind your breathing and gradually increase the load. Upon completion, you should feel muscle fatigue. Do not spare yourself – then you will be pleased with the results.

Exercises for the upper abdominal muscles. Starting position: you are lying on the floor on your back with your knees bent. Heels are close to your buttocks. Hands are under the head, elbows – to the sides. Raise your torso and reach the knees with your elbows. Repeat 30 times.

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Exercise for side abdominal muscles. Everything is the same as in the preceding exercise, but when you lift the torso, you should alternately touch the left knee with the right elbow and vice versa. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise for the abdomen. Starting position: you are lying on your back, arms and legs extended. Simultaneously lift straight arms and legs trying to touch your toes with your hands. Repeat at least 20 times.

Exercise for the upper abdominal muscles. Starting position: you are lying on your back, hands behind the head, elbows to different directions. Lift the torso 60 degrees and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat until you feel fatigue in the upper part of the abdomen.

3. Diet


Follow the simple rules that will help shape the muscle and lose fat:

  • Do not overeat.
  • Include more fiber-rich foods.
  • Avoid those foods that have high concentrations of calories and fat.
  • The last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Keep to a fractional diet. This means that you need to eat frequently (up to 6 times per day) and in small portions. It is important not feel hungry, eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as drink at least 2 liters of water daily.
  • Give up alcohol, if you do not want to accumulate belly fat. Alcohol makes the digestive process unpredictable and unmanageable.
  • Fish oil helps burn fat.

If failed to achieve the slimming effect

If you still have to deal with a bulging belly, continue your efforts. Maybe you need only a few days more. In order not to have complexes on the beach, buy the right swimsuit that masks extra fat at the waist and abdomen.

The basic techniques to hide undesirable forms are draping and color accents. You will need a swimsuit with folds in the abdominal area. Another option is color blocking, which makes the body look slimmer (with side insets in contrasting color or those separating the swimsuit at the waist). Dark or black on your belly is also a good option.

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