Learn to Enjoy Sweets to Lose Weight

If you really want to lose weight, stop feeling ashamed for eating a piece of cake or pastry. The researchers have discovered that the less a person is ashamed about snacking, the higher the chances of successful weight loss are.


New Zealand scientists from the University of Canterbury have found that the psychological attitude to the sweets consumed by a human is no less important factor in successful weight loss than counting calories. And the more often dieting people feel guilty for the snacks they decide to have, the greater is the likelihood that they will refuse the suggested fitness plan and diet.

According to psychologists, the sweets you eat should be treated as a reward and not as a cause for shame. And if we reward ourselves with some chocolate or a donut for sticking to the diet, we will thereby improve our mood and the chances for ultimate success as well. Note that chocolate is generally considered the most popular sweet in the world.

However, chocolate contains a lot of fats and sugar, so excessive consumption of this product may lead to obesity. But if we pamper ourselves with it from time to time, without feeling pricks of conscience and without cursing ourselves, this will be of advantage.

Enjoyment of food plays a huge role in shaping a person’s mood. If we indicate some products in the category of a “forbidden fruit” and then we suffer because of eating them, we harm ourselves in such a way.