Eat Chocolate for Breakfast If You Want to Drop Weight

Rich breakfast provides us with the energy required to perform all daily tasks, promotes the proper functioning of the brain, and speeds up metabolism. All of this is important for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. This is too good to be true, but it is great news for the fans of the sweet. Forget about the limitations and eat chocolate dessert for breakfast!

Morning is the best time to eat sweets, as the new study of the researchers at the University of Tel Aviv shows. At this time of the day, your metabolism is very fast, and all extra calories are burned. Moreover, Professor Daniela Jakubowicz claims that if in the morning you eat a piece of chocolate cake or some chocolate cookies, which contain a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates, the night craving for sweets may not appear.

The essence of the study was as follows: the scientists invited 193 people, suffering from obesity and not suffering from diabetes, and divided them into two groups. The first group was offered a low-carb breakfast (300 calories), the second group received a balanced breakfast (600 calories), which included chocolate dessert or a cake. The period of the study was 32 weeks. After 16 weeks, the participants in both groups lost an average of 15 kilos each. But after another period of 16 weeks, those who had a low-carbohydrate morning diet, regained 10 kilos. Whereas the lovers of cakes lost approximately 7 kilos each. So, after 32 weeks, the representatives of the second group lost an average of 40 kilos more than the representatives of the first group.

Both groups consumed the same amount of calories daily (men consumed 1600 calories, and women received 1400 calories). However, the members of the group “300 calories for breakfast” felt less satisfaction from eating, and it turned out that they tricked the scientists by secretly eating cakes during the day. So, according to Jakubowicz, an attempt to reduce the consumption of sweets can create a psychological dependence on them for a long term. The conclusion is that you need to allow yourself some sweets! But in the morning.

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