Cheating Diet for Weight Loss

Cheating is a special diet, which is based on the principle of conscious breakdowns, i.e. violations of a strict diet and having clearly planned “stress” days, when you can allow yourself to eat anything. The author of this diet is a nutritionist, Joel Marion.

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How Do Diets Prevent You from Weight Loss?

Joel Marion believes that compliance with any low calorie diet leads to a significant metabolism slowdown. This way, the body responds to a reduced calorie intake and tries to use energy minimally.

The need for cheating is because the body has to get the missing energy occasionally. Otherwise, there is an energy imbalance, which leads to fatigue, apathy, and irritability.

With strict adherence to the diet, the body adapts to insufficient calorie intake and even finds opportunities to accumulate fats. Therefore, once a person ceases to be on a diet and returns to normal nutrition, extra pounds quickly reappear .

The nutritionist explains the benefits of cheating: scheduled breakdowns provide non-stop weight loss and prevent weight gain after the diet.

Cheating Diet Step by Step

Joel Marion advises to start the diet with a “cheating day”, when you can eat carbohydrate-rich foods. The next day, the diet should include only low-calorie foods. During the next five days, the carbohydrate content of the food is gradually increased to reach the level of the first cheating day. On the seventh day, you cheat again. But remember that on “stress days”, calorie intake should only be 50-70% more than during the normal days. The duration of cheating is at least 12 weeks.

How Does the Cheating Diet Work?

The main thing in “cheating” is the consumption of low-calorie foods every day, but for cheating days. But as cheating is based on gradual weight loss, do not limit yourself too much in fats and carbohydrates. And during the breakdown it is undesirable to eat too fatty foods. Better, eat dark chocolate, dried fruit, or a small piece of cake.

Rules for Dieters

And in any case, we should not forget the basic rules for those losing weight:

  • Always include vegetables, fruits, and cereals into the diet.
  • The daily diet should contain adequate amounts of protein and low animal fat.
  • Minimize sugar consumption.
  • Drink plenty of fluids (herbal tea, non-carbonated water).
  • Completely give up coffee and alcohol.
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