Beauty Ideals Impair Life Quality

Tape MeasureSkinny models and celebrities really contribute to the low self-esteem of some grown-ups, as they make others dream of having the same figures and strive for widespread beauty ideals. But it is not the half of the way they influence “normal” people. Slim celebrities may also provoke inferiority complexes in children. The worst thing is that even those children, who don’t actually suffer from obesity, do sincerely think they are obese.

This has been found in the recent study conducted by German scientists. According to the research involving more than 7000 teenagers, 55% of girls and 36% of boys find themselves fat. But at the same time 75% of all respondents had a normal weight.

It’s notable, that those teenagers who only find themselves fat have a worse life quality, than those, who are in fact obese. And it doesn’t matter, if they really have excess weight or just imagine they do.

The majority of those who were sure they had excess weight suffered from a lower life quality, while 18% of the respondents, who were really obese, suffer from this more seldom. According to the scientists, the discomfort from the perception of oneself as fat can impair quality of life even more, than the fact that the person is in fact obese.

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