Bacteria Pills to Fight Obesity

The experts from Harvard University promise that there will be pills to fight obesity in the future. They conducted a series of studies on rodents. During the experiment, the obese mice underwent bypass surgery.


The body mass of the animals was reduced by 30% and did not increase even when the mice were fed with a very high-calorie diet. During the second part of the experiment, the microflora of the animals, which were losing weight, was given to the rodents with normal weight that had been previously kept in a sterile environment. The weight of the mice without bacteria was reduced by 5%, although the attempts to introduce the microflora in sterile animals had led to weight gain before this experiment.

Although the scientists identified the dominant bacteria in the microflora of the gastro-intestinal tract after bypass surgery (these are Proteobacteria), the mechanism of their effect on weight loss is unclear. Presumably, the microorganisms affect the metabolism through changes in the hormonal background. According to Globalscience, the scientists are planning to develop special “bacterial” diet pills in the future.

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