8 Tricks Not to Eat Before Bedtime

The easiest way to become slim is not to eat at night. Many nutritionists say that one of the most effective ways to lose weight without compromising health is to stop eating after 18:00 or not to have dinner at least three hours before bedtime.

Woman eating a salad

But it is not easy to refuse eating after a busy day, especially if lunch was on the run, and there was not enough time for a hearty breakfast. But there are simple and useful ways to trick your appetite.

In the cold season, you want to eat a lot and often, while it is often impossible to eat at the usual time. What should you do if you desperately want to eat in the evening?

Nutritionists recommend a simple way to get rid of your hunger.

1. Eat Broth or Soup before Sleep

Have soup for dinner. Drink the broth. The liquid itself quickly fills the stomach and prevents overeating, and the broth in the soup postpones the next hunger attack for a long time. But the soup and the broth should not contain sharp spices, because they stimulate appetite.

2. Eat Only Light Snacks, Like Fruit

Eat yoghurt or apple. When you eat apples, be sure to eat all the seeds. The seeds of a single apple contain the daily rate of iodine. It inhibits the urge to eat.

3. Drink Liquids Before Bedtime

A glass of mineral water, boiled hot water with a slice of lemon, or tomato juice will quench hunger for a couple of hours. It is time to brush your teeth and go to bed.

4. Compote Fights off Hunger

Light compote of figs and plums will benefit the body and outwit your appetite. Pour three liters of water into half a kilo of fruit and simmer until the water evaporates to 2.5 liters. A cup of the compote is enough to forget about hunger for at least an hour.

5. Eat Milk Powder

A small spoonful of nonfat dry milk will rescue those who are really dying of hunger.

6. Beans and Potato Give the Feeling of Satiety

The feeling of satiety can be preserved for a long time due to a small amount of beans or a maximum of two middle-sized potatoes in their skins.

7. Take a Hot Bath

A hot bath relaxes, gives you a sleepy mood and suppresses appetite. It is yet better if you add salt or essential oils into the bath. A few drops of grapefruit, lemon, orange, or any fruit oil will help to deceive a hungry stomach.

8. Exercise Suppresses Appetite

Walking or doing exercises before going to sleep suppresses hunger very well.