6 Reasons You Overeat During Holidays

If you come to a party, intending to eat everything cooked, the feeling that the stomach is on the point of bursting is the logical consequence of the holiday. And if you come to have fun, but suddenly cannot move due to gravity in the stomach, something is clearly wrong. This article will tell you why we cannot notice that we overeat.


You cannot fail to overeat on Christmas vacation or at a buffet event, even if you were not going to do that. It seems that you eat well and correctly, cook a little, and generally keep to a diet. But the stomach is full again.

Most likely, you make one of these mistakes that lead to sad results.

1. Hunger before the holiday


At a special table, you inevitably want to try more dishes. Therefore, before going to a party we tend to “reserve some space” in the stomach. As a result, we eat more. It is not even because the brain receives delayed signals of satiety. You simply allow yourself to eat too much. And you feel nothing is wrong because you have kept to a starvation diet earlier that day. Not to have an excruciatingly painful outcome of a miserable holiday, eat regularly. It is better to change the menu every day and cook something unusual, but having breakfast and lunch before dinner is obligatory.

2. A modest selection of food

Some parties offer a limited menu for the guests not to go crazy about food. So, you come to a party and see hamburgers there. Or plain potatoes with chicken. Or chips. There is no alternative then. As a result, we eat one meal and deceive ourselves: after all, we do not taste five salads, and there are only a couple of hot dogs eaten. Not to get into a situation like that, specify what is going to be on the table and offer help in organizing the party. You can at least bring and cut vegetables.

3. A buffet party

For some reason, it is considered to be easy. No one seems to be sitting over the plate. Who wants to eat approaches some refreshments. But it is exactly due to lack of a plate that we do not notice how much we have already eaten. We take a sandwich here and a spoon there. As a result, the amount of food exceeds the one we could normally swallow. Besides, cheerful conversations interfere with our noticing “extra treats”. The way out is to ask for a plate and eat from this plate, defining in advance the amount of food you can afford.

4. A quick start

Before tasting a piece of each dish, take a sober look at the table and think well whether you are going to try everything. Assess each dish and determine what you should not even look at. Ask what the dishes are made from not to get an “overdose” of one ingredient.

5. A wrong place at the table

In this context, having a wrong place means staying near the most attractive dish. If you feel that your stomach is full, and the eyes are still looking for another treat, change the place, move the food away or leave the room to get a gulp of fresh air. Someone may use the time of your walk to clean the plate.

6. Leftovers of the feast

This is a problem for the hosts of a party. It is a pity to throw away what was left from the previous day. Besides, the remains are not like the whole dish. Piece after piece, all the leftovers are methodically destroyed. What can be done?

Do not fill all salads at once. Allow your guests to add sauces right in their plate: thus you will reduce the concern that the products will spoil. After all, dishes are kept longer without a filling.

Try to cook portions of dishes

Do not hesitate to share your dishes with the guests, letting them take the food home. Your stomach will appreciate this act of generosity.

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