5 Things You Didn’t know About the Ketogenic Diet

With the ketogenic diet, carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced while fat consumption is simultaneously increased. That might seem like one of the most bizarre dietary prescriptions you’ve ever heard but there’s solid scientific reasoning behind it. You see the body normally depends on the burning of carbohydrates to produce energy. But if you dramatically cut your carb intake and up your fat intake your body will turn to those fats for energy and when it does, ketosis will be achieved.

Not a Prescription to Binge at the Fast Food Joint

The ketogenic or keto diet is not a license to binge on fast food. Rather, it requires the consumption of healthy fats like those found in eggs, meat, butter, extra-virgin olive oil, nuts and avocados and it requires discipline and commitment. Here are 5 lesser known things about the ketogenic diet.

  1. The Keto Diet Suppresses Appetite – Being in a state of ketosis has the effect of suppressing your appetite so not only are you burning fat more efficiently you’re also prone to eating less. Keep in mind however that if your commitment wanes and you find yourself adhering to the diet in a haphazard manner you’ll likely never reach a state of true ketosis.
  2. The Ketogenic Diet can be Used to Treat Epilepsy – The keto diet was not originally intended as a weight loss program. Instead, it was designed to help alleviate the worst symptoms of epilepsy in young people. That came about after it was discovered that shifting the brain’s fuel source from glucose to ketones had a calming effect on neurological activity.
  3. The Keto Diet Prevents the Growth of Free Radicals – When the mitochondria within our cells is burning glucose one side effect is the production of molecules known as free radicals. These free radicals fan out and attack proteins, other molecules, healthy cells and even our DNA. The keto diet greatly reduces the number of free radicals produced by the body.
  4. The Keto Diet can Help Lower Blood Sugar – The keto diet has been conclusively shown to lower blood sugar while at the same time increasing insulin effectiveness or sensitivity. This is vital because decreased insulin sensitivity can lead to any number of serious conditions including coronary artery disease, adult onset diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. Supplements like those available at www.ketogenicsupplementreviews.com can also help.
  5. The Ketogenic Diet can Improve Mental Acuity – The absence of sugar in the brain once ketosis has been reached has the effect of allowing the mind achieve a clearer, more effective level of performance. Many have reported feeling more decisive, less forgetful and better able to appreciate the big picture on their job and within their life in general.


The ketogenic diet is not a fad or something devised by a celebrity to sell a worthless piece of exercise equipment. It’s a scientifically based method of transitioning from glucose based energy to cleaner, more efficient ketones while losing weight, suppressing your appetite and curbing the production of destructive free radicals.

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