5 Reasons Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

Woman Losing WeightLots of women try to lose weight by dieting and working out, but far from all women manage to become slim this way. Scientists have discovered some psychological reasons, why women can’t lose weight, although they want it so much. Many of us have already experienced it: you eat less, avoid late dinners, work out almost every day, however, you can’t reach that desired slender waist and less weight. Here’s why.

Reason 1 Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

The first reason, why women can’t lose weight is the subconscious wish of every woman to be solid. This means, to feel she is big and powerful – this is enough to cope with problems. Sometimes this is not only a psychological feeling, but also a physical one, which makes one eat more.

Reason 2 Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

The second reason is shyness. Excess weight becomes a kind of protecting coat for many women. Under this coat there can often be found an unsure person. Scientists claim, when there’s “too much” of you, it helps cope with problems.

Reason 3 Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

Psychological traumas may also be the reason preventing women from losing weight. Those, who as a child experienced an unpleasant incident because of their unattractiveness, unconsciously don’t want to attract attention. And the best way to avoid attention is to gain weight.

Reason 4 Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

Many women like telling about how they struggle against excess weight and that there’s no way they can get rid of it. Scientists claim, that women do it to make others feel sorry for them.

Reason 5 Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

Another reason women can’t lose weight is the lack of joy in life. When a woman is in a bad mood, the only thing to improve it is food.

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