5 Ingredients Making Your Salad Unhealthy

Why are some salads worse than a super-calorie cheesecake? That’s because they contain one of these 5 ingredients.



Discussing the damage from mayonnaise today is the like criticizing blondes for stupidity and infantilism. A monstrous banality that everyone is tired of.

But, nevertheless, we still use mayonnaise not only as a sauce, but also as a universal dressing for any so-called useful food. What’s the difference? A sauce means a few teaspoons on the edge of the plate. If you use a lot of mayonnaise, the content of calories increases about three or four times. Even if you have put only half a cabbage and two carrots in your salad.


The habit of adding boiled (and sometimes fried) potatoes to traditional vegetable salads can cost you a fit figure. Do not even hesitate: starchy potatoes with their high glycemic index are due on your holiday table and nowhere else.


Fast carbs are basically not the best ingredient for a dietary dish. But this trick can be somehow justified if the croutons are of rye bread and homemade.

It’s not worth burying vegetables and greenery under a layer of dubious ready-made croutons. Never do so if you’d like to seem a sensible woman.


Nobody argues: cheese makes even the most hopeless salad delicious. You can grate cheese, cut into neat cubes, melt and add to the sauce. You can do whatever you want with it but there is something you must know! One hundred grams of a mediocre cheese contains about 400 calories. As a rule, it is often added in large quantities. Select low-fat cheeses – 17%, for example. And use it in moderation.


It is also inappropriate in a salad. It simply should not be here. No options. There is absolutely nothing useful in it.

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