4 Morning Tips for Dieters

Morning is the most important time of the day, which determines how successful your fight against excess weight will be. What should it be like? We have a few ideas.


1. Sun in the morning

What do you think is necessary to do every morning to lose weight? The study conducted at Northwestern University (Feinberg School of Medicine) claims that you need some sun. If you can catch the sun’s rays in the morning, you will not only cheer up and wake up fast, but lose extra pounds, as well.

The study revealed that people who are regularly exposed to morning light have a lower BMI and are more active. There are two benefits of the morning sun. Firstly, morning light synchronizes your internal biological clock, which subsequently leads to a healthier sleep and a more stable timetable. This in turn contributes to a more efficient metabolism and weight loss. Secondly, morning light is stronger than daylight or evening light, and so it has the greatest effect on the body.

The experts’ recommendations are as follows: you need to get under the morning sun for only 20-30 minutes from 8 a.m. to noon, and then the body will be able to feel all the positive effects of the morning light. It is desirable to do morning exercises outdoors. However, even a cup of coffee drunk on the balcony or at an open window will surely be useful, according to the authors of the study.

2. Correct drinks before morning exercises

This is another argument in favor of a cup of coffee in the morning sun. It turns out, caffeinated beverages, which you drink an hour before exercise, allow to burn 15% more calories. Spanish scientists published this conclusion in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Additionally, drinks with caffeine increase endurance during workouts.

Coffee, tea, and cola can be drunk in the morning before jogging or weight training to increase their effectiveness. Drink coffee before exercising and lose weight!

3. Proper morning workout

Morning is the best time for fitness, if you want to lose weight. Consider this when enrolling in fitness classes. Despite the fact that the majority of working women opt for fitness after work, experts insist on morning fitness, especially if you want to get rid of excess weight. And most importantly, morning exercise should be done daily.

Best load for the morning is cardio and weight training. If you exercise in the morning, your body burns more fat. This is due to low blood sugar levels (they are observed in the morning), which cause the body to look for other sources of energy, and convert it from fat. Besides, in the mornings there are higher levels of hormones that accelerate the burning of fat.

However, abstain from heavy workouts on an empty stomach. Otherwise the body will lose muscle mass, not fat. Therefore, you need a protein breakfast before an intense workout.

What exercise in the morning can be considered perfect? One needs only 10 minutes of jogging in a good rhythm. However, jogging is not for everyone. Select your morning program of physical activity:


Walking is the most natural kind of physical load, it virtually eliminates injury and at the same time keeps muscles toned. Studies at Cleveland Clinic confirm that morning walking improves immunity. If you are fit and strive to control your weight, walk for 20-30 minutes every morning at a rapid pace, best with weights on each hand and foot.


Just a few exercises for flexibility and balance for 10-15 minutes will make you feel much better. Morning yoga helps tone muscles, overcome morning stiffness and muscle pain. However, yoga does not lead to significant weight loss, and it should be seen as a preparation for further aerobic exercise.

Strength exercises

They are best for losing weight. According to Harvard School of Public Health, the load on the muscle burns more calories and prevents weight gain. You can start with dumbbells (light weight), as well as doing exercises and postures to hold your own weight. Add five-minute aerobic exercise after every 10 minutes of strength training.

4. Proper breakfast

You can not skip breakfast. Every girl who wants to lose weight knows that. However, remember, that a very substantial breakfast is undesirable. What should it be like?

First, you need protein. It is digested slowly and allows feeling full for a long time. Another component is carbohydrates. Here are some breakfast choices for weight loss:

boiled or scrambled eggs + toast of wholemeal bread or fruit;
apricots + low-fat cheese/cottage cheese;
seeds and cocktail: low-fat yoghurt + banana + frozen berries.

If this is not enough, and you feel hungry, you can treat yourself to a handful of nuts, yogurt, and skim milk before lunch.

Remember that the first half of the day, especially morning, is the most important for weight loss. Let the morning be healthy and eventful, and then you will not be able to think about the restrictions in the evening – you will simply not want hearty dinners and desserts.

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