10 Tips on How to Lose Weight without Dieting


Many of us have to spend years of our life, trying the most extreme diet and hoping to lose weight. However, you can get rid of excess weight effortlessly.


1. Distraction

Do your favorite thing! Research shows that playing video games, for example, significantly reduces the intensity and depth of hunger pangs and promotes weight loss. Human consciousness switches to something more interesting than waiting for food.

2. Keeping healthy foods at hand

It is sad but humanity is driven by laziness. However, this fact can be used beneficially – have fruits and vegetables next to you on a plate, not cookies, and sliced sausage. The farther junk food is, the less willing we are to go and take it.

3. Sleeping longer

There is no better way to indulge in laziness than to sleep longer. If you sleep less than 5 hours a day, your weight will increase at least 30% more than if you sleep 7 hours a day, as scientists have found out.

4. Eating at the table

You have no idea how many more calories a person gets when he or she eats standing in various fast-food networks or at parties. Mindless absorption of food is the main enemy of weight loss. When seated, a person eats more consciously.

5. Salad in the last place

Let it be your last dish for lunch or dinner, because it is low in calories. When you eat lettuce, the brain gets time to realize saturation. However, do not use a fatty salad dressing.

6. Relaxing

The less stress in your life – the less extra pounds you gain. Scientists have proved this more than once.

7. Forget about diet coke

Studies show that diet coke lovers have larger waists (nothing is said about regular coke!). 10 years of daily coke consumption is enough for your waist size to increase by 70% compared with those who do not drink coke. If you have two or more cans per day, your weight increases by 500% over 10 years!

8. Making water your favourite drink

Water contains no calories, and no matter how much you drink it, you will not gain weight. It is the most effective drink for weight loss.

9. Restricting the number of yogurts

In some sense they are useful products, but they are high in calories. Do not exclude them from the diet completely – one serving per day would be enough.

10. Choosing between alcohol and dessert

If you drink a few glasses of wine at dinner and eat a dessert in addition, your body gets from 500 to 1000 extra calories. To lose weight, you need to count calories, so choose either alcohol or dessert!