Simon’s Cat: Cat & Mouse

You surely remember the cute “Simon’s Cat” cartoon series we shared a few years ago. The plot was simple, but genius: searching for attention and food a big-eyed, sadistic, always hungry cat irritates his owner Simon Tofield. He makes it in such a funny way that you really love it!

Simon Tofield Simon's Cat

Then a new animated film called “Simon’s Sister’s Dog” appeared. Since the first cartoon’s appearance Simon’s cat has been one of the most popular cats in the Internet. And it’s not for nothing. Now there are more than 30 cartoons about Simon’s cat. And we at love them all! Even those who don’t like cats enjoy watching them.

Now there’s another cartoon, which is as cool as the previous films. It’s Called “Cat & Mouse”. Watch below – it’s so adorable!

And here’s another one we haven’t shared before:

Santa Claws

Snow Business

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