Friendship Knows No Bounds for a Chick and a Tortoise

An unexpected friendship was hatched at Pennywell farm in Devon. The farm personnel were amazed to see how close became a week-old chick called Bonnie and a 36-year-old tortoise Samantha after they had shared a heat lamp.

Chick and Tortoise

According to the petting farm spokesperson, the same heat lamps have been used to warm up the nights for the young chick and the tortoises right after their hibernation period. But nobody thought that it would form a base for a friendship!

Nevertheless now Samantha and Bonnie are invariably seen around the farm taking a crawl together with the chick often traveling atop the tortoise’s shell.

Farm owner Chris Murray explains this away as chicks’ natural instinct “to practice their roosting positions”, but he doesn’t mean to play down the friendship of the animals, saying that they certainly enjoy each other’s company.

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