2% of Women Don't Need Deodorant

The University of Bristol has published the results of its study, which found that there are 2% of the lucky women among us, who do not suffer from armpit sweating.


The scientists from the University of Bristol have concluded that there are 2% of women in the world, who do not sweat in the armpits. These women have a rare ABC11 gene, which is the reason for the lack of sweat under the arms.

Is it possible to find out whether you have this useful gene? The experts have found a very easy way. The people, who possess this gene, have dry and not sticky earwax. If the earwax is dry, you do not need any deodorant.

However, even among those 2% of lucky women, only a small number of ladies are ready to refuse using antiperspirants. About 75% of those, who should not worry about the smell of armpit sweat, still use deodorant. These are the results of the study. And the reason is simple – advertising works perfectly well.

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