What Does the Future Hold for Beauty Treatments?


Skincare has come quite a long way. Once upon a time, the world was in awe of Botox. Even more impressive were lasers, the idea of using these devices to deliver advanced skincare solutions dismissed as the stuff of science fiction.


Most people who use plastic strips for bleaching never thought they would be whitening their teeth by themselves within the comfort of their own homes, or at least they didn’t think so ten years ago.

Today, however, beauty treatments have taken a whole new turn. From wands that can be used to tighten skin to topical gels with which one can erase lines and even creams that one can deploy to remove love handles, all without the involvement of surgical procedures, the cosmetic arena has advanced rather impressively over the years, and there is no telling what the future has to offer.

What Does the Future Hold for Beauty Treatments?

A lot of people have attempted to speculate about the future of beauty treatments, and for good reason. There are so many amazing technologies coming out of the cosmetic industry, many of them designed to make invasive surgery irrelevant, some notable trends in the arena o beauty treatments that one should keep an eye out for including the following:

1). Sun protection

The sun has a tendency to negatively impact the skin, causing dark spots and wrinkles to mention but a few. While many companies today are already throwing products onto the shelves that claim to revolutionize sun protection as people know it, rumours coming out of the cosmetic arena suggest that the sun protection field is about to undergo some major changes.

The FDA is in the process of crafting proposals that will force all sunscreen products to provide higher levels of UVA protection, this along with defending against UVB rays.

There are new brands of the sunscreen in the lab already, waiting for approval and which are capable of absorbing a far wider spectrum of UVA and UVB rays than ever before.

2). Slimming Techniques

Believe it or not, there are plans to pioneer new methods and technologies that will allow cosmetologists to eliminate excess fat painlessly and without the need for surgery.

Proving particularly popular is news of a method that involves using focused ultrasound waves to break up fat cells under the skin, fat cells that can then be eliminated from the body.

UltraShape, one of the companies harnessing this technology and which is waiting for FDA approval, claims that their method is not only painless but highly effective.

Zeltiq is also attracting quite the buzz, a machine that destroys fat cells using the intense cold. Because there are no needles or incisions required, there is virtually no recovery time involved. Patients can walk in and walk out of the surgery room, ready to resume their lives without any notable delays.

Of course, such technologies are still in the testing phase, but, once perfected, they will make most cosmetic surgical procedures largely obsolete. Most people will welcome the notion of cosmetic procedures that do not require doctors to cut into their flesh.

3). Skincare

In the last few months, laser technologies that can be utilized at home have become fairly prominent on the market. There is currently talk of lasers and pulsed light machines which can soften lines and eliminate acne, treatments which individuals will be able to own and use from their homes.

The need to visit the doctor and sit under bulky machines for a very exorbitant fee will be all but eliminated once these machines, which can pinpoint the smallest areas of the skin, become available to the average homeowner.

There is even a chance that Botox might become a thing of the past. Dermatologists are talking about creating a protein-rich solution from an individual’s blood that they can then inject into the skin, not only stimulating collagen production but filling wrinkles and making the skin firmer.

Some years after that, doctors might actually learn to use their patients’ skin to custom-tailor filler that will last longer even while remaining free of side effects.

Whether it is the permanent cure for grey hair or conversations about using stem cells to grow new hair and restore skin colour, or even all the hullaballoo surrounding the rise of Botox Only Beauty Spots and Gemstone Blowouts, beauty treatments at clinics the likes of www.therapieclinic.co.uk are destined to undergo tremendous changes in the coming future.