What Are The Differences Between CyroSkin And Fat Freezing Technology Treatments

There are people all over the world following a healthy diet, remaining true to a good workout routine and purchasing expensive products for their skin to achieve a sculpted and toned body. Unfortunately, the majority of these individuals are not successful. Both women and men are struggling to tone and tighten their problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, butt and lower back. If you have done everything right but find yourself struggling, the culprit may be your genetics. This is not something you are able to change.

Most people have problem areas on their bodies due to excess cellulite and fat cells. You have most likely lived with this for your entire life. The good news is you can finally have the body you desire through new technology. This will enable you to make the changes you have been working for. You may have heard the terms fat freezing technology and cyroskin but not be certain what they are. Paddles similar to a vacuum are attached to the areas of your body you want to have treated.

The paddles suction the areas containing fat prior to cooling them. These areas will eventually start to feel completely numb. The length of your session is dependent on the size of the area that is being treated. Your session can last for as long as two hours. The discomfort you will feel is considered mild. Each treatment will improve your results but you will need to have multiple treatments to receive optimal results. Every since fat freezing technology became available, science has been searching for a way to improve the process.

The final result is called cyroskin. The treatment process is more effective and quicker than fat freezing. In a comparison of other options and cyroskin, consumers have selected cyroskin as the winner by a landslide. During the procedure, an instrument becomes cold prior to being moved around the areas being treated. The intensity and areas you want to have treated can be customized.

The technician also has a machine with two settings to choose from. One setting targets your cellulite and skin by increasing your production of collagen and your circulation. This is called cyro Toning. The other setting freezes your fat cells so they can be destroyed. This is referred to as cyroslimming.

CryoSkin Toning

This technique began in the beauty capital of the world, Paris. This is the first system of this type available in the United States. The process destroys your fat cells naturally, eliminates your excess cellulite and slows the aging process down. You can have two different treatments, one for toning and the other for slimming. Your treatment will require 28 minutes while using both cold and heat. You will need to focus on one part of your body at a time. One of the most commonly treated areas is the abdomen.

Two minutes of heat will be applied at forty degrees celsius. You will then receive twelve minutes of cold at negative eight degrees celsius. You will turn over so the same treatment can be given for your love handles. This is a type of thermal therapy resulting in your fat cells dropping between seventeen degrees celsius and negative twelve degrees celsius. This will naturally destroy your fat cells enabling them to go through your lymphatic system. To ensure your body has enough time for you fat cells to pass, you can only have this treatment once every fourteen days.

Even though the focus must be placed on one area at a time, you can still have additional areas treated during the same session. The device will decrease to negative two degrees Celcius resulting in an improvement in your microcirculation and metabolism in the targeted area. This enhances your collagen production, tones the area, eliminates cellulite and decreases signs of aging. If you have five treatments, exercise on a regular basis and eat a nutritious diet, your results will last. To maintain your results, one maintenance session is recommended every six months.

Fat Freezing Technology

This is a non-invasive procedure for contouring your body. Your fatty tissues are cooled to destroy up to one-quarter of your fat cells in the area you have treated. The treatment uses a technique called cryolipolysis. This simply means your fat cells will die after they have been frozen. The machine is similar in appearance to a small box. This is what is placed on the area you are having contoured. The device uses strong suction to freeze your fat cells beneath your skin. For several weeks after your treatment, you fat cells will continue to break down.

These crystallized cells will be flushed out of your body as waste by your lymphatic system. A lengthy exposure is required so your surrounding tissue is not affected by the treatment. Depending on the area being treated, your session can be anywhere from forty minutes to two hours. In the majority of cases, a minimum of two to five treatments are necessary over the course of three months. You will not see any improvement right after your treatment or for the next four weeks.

You will have to wait for eight weeks to see a noticeable improvement. After this time, ninety percent of your results will become visible. During the next eight weeks, you will see a continued decrease in bulges. At this time, you will have reached the best results possible from your treatment.

Comparing the Two Treatments

Both treatments are effective, non-invasive and safe treatments. This can make it difficult to determine which one is the better treatment for your needs. There are several key differences between the treatments. Both treatments require you to wait for as long as fourteen days for the initial fat cells to be flushed out of your body. With cyroskin, you will see noticeable results after just one treatment. The majority of individuals experiencing this treatment lost one-half of an inch in just one session. Many people lost a lot more.

This is because this procedure is doing a lot more than freezing fat. The process stimulates your production of collagen which results in an instantaneous toning effect. Since both treatments are non-invasive, they are also both painless. This does not mean you will not feel any discomfort.

In some instances, the suction from the applicators will result in a pulling sensation. The area may become numb within a few minutes or take as long as ten minutes. With cryoskin, eighty eight percent of the individuals who have experienced this treatment said it felt like a massage and was enjoyable. The other twelve percent had issues with the cold. They said the treatment was bearable because of the heat offsetting the cold throughout the session.

The incidences of side effects with cryoskin were low. This was usually some numbness or redness that naturally went away after a few hours or within a couple of days.

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