How to Wake up Fresh & Beautiful in the Morning?


In order not to look older than you actually are, but look rather fresh and beautiful in the morning, follow our advice.


Air the room 15-20 minutes before bedtime, it will provide a strong and healthy sleep. In addition, oxygen is very useful for the skin.

Before going to bed, you need to wash your face thoroughly, to get rid of dirt and cosmetics. Apply the night cream in a very thin layer; otherwise it will act as a mask, preventing the skin from breathing.

You should not drink much before bedtime. It provokes swelling. Do not eat salty foods, as they keep fluid in the body, and it is the main cause of swelling and bags under the eyes.

Before going to sleep, take a bath with sea salt – it will get you relaxed. After the bath, apply anti-cellulite products.

Caffeine invigorates the nervous system too much, so it is advisable not to drink coffee after 4 p.m.. Do not drink alcohol or smoke at least 4 hours before bedtime.

Do not make ponytails or braids to bed. Any clips and hair bands damage hair during sleep. Sleep on silk pillows, silk helps to preserve your hairdo. If your hair is very long, better plait a loose braid, but preferably without any knots or hair bands. Your hair should be clean from any styling products, like your face is clean of makeup. If there are too many styling products, better wash your hair, if not – comb it thoroughly.

Pillows should be low, and the mattress – even and rigid enough to keep the spine straight. Sleep on your back. After sleeping on the side your face gets red stripes from the pillow. Take vitamin B every morning.

In the morning, it is useful to take a contrast shower. Better wash your face with chamomile. Do not wipe it, but soak with a fluffy towel. If there appeared dark circles under the eyes, remove them with the help of regular tea brew. After the tea, you can apply a moisturizing cream; it will make you look healthier and smooth out fine wrinkles.

To be cheerful in the morning, drink a cup of green tea with lemon.

Happy and loving people sleep better and stronger, so love, and sleep next to your beloved. A happy person cannot be ugly, and to wake up beautiful you need to go to bed beautiful.

Be happy, and you will be beautiful!