Using the Right Skin Care Products for Your Skin Type

Your skin is your largest organ, and it actually receives the most consistent damage. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology states that the skin is one of the most sensitive of the naturally reproducing organs, even though it may seem quite strong and endures a great deal. Be it the weather or stress or just unhealthy habits, your skin handles a lot. Most of this damage isn’t readily apparent because your skin naturally replaces itself several times throughout the year. But it’s important you take care of it. Whether you use a particular product or keep switching between brands; here are some guidelines for the basic guidelines for your skin type.


Normal Skin

If you are one of the fortunate individuals with normal skin, you have a wide range of products to choose from. You’ll want to look for a nourishing product that will provide essential vitamins as well as moisture. You should generally avoid products with mineral oil as these can trigger outbreaks. Be cautious because just because you have normal skin does not mean you will always. Your skin needs change regularly. So watch for any signs of redness after treatment. In choosing the best one for you, you should consider using products with retinoids or vitamin C. This will in turn promote collagen production and will help keep your skin youthful looking and moisturized.

Oily Skin

Oily skin can be difficult to handle until you find the right product. Various reactions can trigger overproduction of oils and additional breakouts. You should not assume that just because you are using one quality product it will not cause a reaction. Keep an eye out for warning signs like a sheen on your forehead or nose or increased redness around the T zone. These signs generally indicate an over production of oils, and you may either need to start using an astringent or you may need to switch to another quality skin care brand from stores like Nykaa better suited to your skin.

Foaming soaps as well as products with alpha hydroxyl acids are your best bet. Salicylic acid is another key ingredient in controlling outbreaks. Regular washing is essential, but don’t skimp on moisturizer afterwards. “Total Beauty” states that even though many assume that individuals with oily skin do not require moisturizer, that is not the case. The ideal skin care product for you will likely be light or classified. Bear in mind that these moisturizers are best used after you have cleansed your face completely. To allow further absorption, consider using facial wipes. Then pat your face dry and apply the moisturizer. Failure to moisturize will result in dry as well as oily skin, worsening blackheads and pimples.

If you are currently struggling with an outbreak, you may also want to try facial masks designed to reduce inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Exfoliation should also be part of your regular routine as dead cell build up will increase infection rates. Always exfoliate before washing so that you can cleanse your skin.

Dry, Sensitive or Broken Skin

Regular dry skin can be treated with an intense moisturizer. You will probably need to apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once after showering. Finding products with quality of emollient ingredients works best. You should avoid foaming products; these can strip away vital nutrients and even lipids.

Most people with dry skin suffer from other complications too. Sensitive or broken skin is actually quite common. The only way to find the right product for you is through trial and error. Avoid any product that has fragrances or alcohol as these can be drying and aggravating. Mineral oil can also trigger reactions as can dyes. Look instead for products characterized as nourishing or moisturizing. You might also find that a dark spot corrector can be quite helpful in some of these situations. If you start to have an allergic reaction, use products with green tea or licorice root to help soothe your skin.

You may feel that lotions are too painful for your skin, but that shouldn’t encourage you to apply nothing. Instead, you should consider raw or natural moisturizers like olive oil or cocoa butter. “The Natural Skin Care Junkie” recommends coconut oil as well. You can even mix these together to create your own lotion and nourish your skin without aggravating it. As your skin heals, you can use fragrance free lotions in small intervals to see if you have any further problems.

Finding the perfect skin care product for you requires understanding your skin. Whether you have regular, oily, dry, or sensitive skin, the right product is out there. Once you determine your basic type, you can then choose products that will best tend to your needs. Just bear in mind that these may change with time. Be prepared to experiment with a few different products to find just the right one. You are, after all, worth it.

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