Things to Know about Nose Thread Lift in Singapore

The nose is rather a sensitive part of one’s face that makes one feel somewhat uncomfortable. Do not worry! Do you know you can enhance your looks with a nicely done nose thread lift? Don’t be afraid thinking of a surgical procedure that will heal within months. On the contrary, nose thread lift is to complete opposite of the traditional Rhinoplasty. With medical technology improves, you can undergo a thirty-minute non-surgical nose thread lift in Singapore, and voila! Have an improved look. The following are the factors that you must know about this procedure.

The incredible benefits of nose thread lift

If you’re unsure about taking this substantial facial appearance improvement, don’t be! You aren’t alone! Here’re some of the benefits that you can get after the successful treatment.

  • First, you’ll have an improved nose contour with reduced width.
  • Second, it’s a chance for a better nose definition and a raised nose tip.
  • Finally, there’s very minimal downtime needed.

How long the results last

One of the things that cross people’s minds is how long they’ll flaunt their new look after undergoing the procedure and paying some cash. The embedded threads tend to dissolve after a period of six to eight months upon treatment.

Nevertheless, the nose tends to stay in the newly lifted position for another year. Don’t worry! when the results wear off, you can repeat this non-surgical procedure to get a much longer and lasting appearance. If you’re looking for a permanent lifting, you can consider some regular stimulation as well as collagen production in the nose.

Who’s ideal for a nose thread lift?

Here’s another essential tip worth considering when it comes to seeking a nose thread lift. It’s often a procedure that works well on individuals with a broader nose, an off-center nose, people with a colossal nose tip, or a poorly tip angle nose. It’s also an ideal procedure for persons with a not adequately defined nose with a bridge.

However, it’d be best to schedule an appointment with professional experts, such as Cambridge medical in Singapore, to assess your nose. Thus, you’ll get to know if you’re an ideal candidate or if there’re other cosmetic medical options that you can pursue.

Is selecting a doctor crucial?

Selecting the ideal and professional doctor to carry out the treatment is equally important. While the non-surgical nose thread lift seems straightforward, you need not take anything to chances.

You need to research the doctor and inquire about the before and after nose thread lift pictures. It’d be helpful to ask if any complications that might arise or the risks involved. One also needs to know about the types of thread and how many the doctor will use. It’d be best to even know about the post-treatment protocol to be aware of what you’re about to sign up for and pay for it.

When seeking a nose thread lift in Singapore, you need nothing but the best experts to walk you through the whole process. You can reach out to Cambridge medical in Singapore and get the perfect ‘lunchtime nose job’ done! It’s a chance to be with experienced doctors who’ll ensure you get your desired look with zero chances of things going sideways.

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