Puffy Eyes: Why, When And How To Cure

All the coffee in the world won’t be able to remove those tired puffy bags from underneath your eyes. Maybe you are not able to get the best sleep due to stress or a busy life, or maybe you are adamant on getting your 8 hours of beauty rest every night. Regardless, those puffy, tired eyes can affect anyone, not just those who are exhausted. So how can you fix this issue if sleep won’t even help you look awake and rested? The first thing to understand is why we get those puffy tired eyes in the first place, the second is to know when to look for signs and the third is how to cure this issue, whether it is an eye cream for dark circles, an anti-aging eye gel or some natural vitamins and minerals, there is a version of the best under eye puffiness reducer, brightening eye cream and best anti-aging eye cream for you.

Why Do We Have Puffy, Tired Eyes?

Our skin cells are very sensitive and can fluctuate due to many internal and external factors such as environment, natural aging, smoking, or poor health. If you are waking up in the morning and notice that you have puffy bags under your eyes with dark circles, you might be very dehydrated. Puffiness under the eyes is a sign of edema, or water retention. We go into edema when our body begins to worry that we might be getting into severe stages of dehydration, our cells hold onto the water and puff up, which can create many health complications.

The dark circles can be a result of the thinning skin from damaged skin cells on the delicate skin underneath our eyes. When the skin cells deteriorate, the blood vessels beneath our skin will show through and our appearance can look as if we have these dark circles beneath our eyes. So how we stop these puffy dark eyes from happening? What is the best eye cream for dark circles?

Anti-Aging Creams and Serums

The best way to work on those tired puffy eyes is from the inside out. Using a topical cream that also works to heal and repair your skin on a cellular level to de-puff eyes and even skin tone is where you are going to see the most results. Solvaderm’s Eyevage is an all-in-one anti-aging face treatment that will work with your biology to rejuvenate and renew skin cells, giving you that even, youthful and vibrant complexion that you are missing.

Eyevage works by promoting healthy skin cell turnover. A skin cell can take up to 28 days to regrow and heal, but with a cream for dark circles and anti-aging like Solvaderm’s Eyevage, your skin regenerates faster, your skin begins to produce more collagen and the elasticity that gives your skin its youthful bounce, stays firm and plump. Firming eye cream will also contain hyaluronic acid, which rehydrates skin, keeping it firm and your cells healthy and vital.

Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

If you do not want to invest in expensive creams and serums with clinical products that you may not completely understand, there are always natural ways to get rid of dark circles permanently. If you don’t want to drink all your coffee in the morning you can find a natural eye cream that contains caffeine to apply gently to the skin around the eye area. The caffeine in the cream will tighten and tone your skin, eliminating fine lines and puffiness. Vitamin C and vitamin E are essential nutrients for your skin to stay healthy and vibrant. A deficiency in vitamin C can cause a dull and saggy appearance to your skin. Boost your vitamin C intake with plenty of dense vegetables and colourful fresh fruits. Vitamin E has healing properties that promote healthy skin cell turnover and is known to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Find an organic and pure vitamin E formula and apply gently to any area where skin feels tired, worn down or when you begin to see signs of aging.

There is never an age that is too young to be thinking about skin health. Whether you are applying sunscreen on a daily basis, or adding an anti-aging skin care treatment to your regimen, the best way to get rid of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles is to prevent them from forming. If you have already discovered that your skin is showing these signs, find a skin care treatment that works for you. Your skin will be grateful if you learn to keep it healthy and hydrated.

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