Most Popular Plastic Surgeries

The International Association of Plastic Surgeons has compiled a list of the most popular plastic surgeries according to their frequency. The most popular surgery is breast augmentation by means of silicone implants.


As for the countries, where plastic surgeries are conducted most often, one should name (in ascending order):

  1. China
  2. Italy,
  3. Mexico,
  4. Brazil,
  5. USA.

Most operations to improve the appearance per capita are held in South Korea. Every 77th resident of the country chooses to have a plastic surgery. By the way, most of these surgeries are not for the purpose of having breast implants: Koreans, or rather, Korean women, change the shape of their eyes to resemble that of European people.

For example, 20% of the residents of Seoul aged from 19 to 49 years volunteered and tried to enhance their appearance with the help of a surgeon’s knife last year. In fact, even last year’s winner of the “Miss Korea” beauty contest confessed that she had been resorting to the services of plastic surgeons.

Well, as you see, nowadays there’re lots of women around the world wanting to change their body or face for the “better”. And what about you? Would you like to change the shape of your nose or get a boob job?

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