Megan Fox's Brows Cost $8,000

Are you ready to pay eight thousand dollars for the eyebrows “a la Megan Fox?” Many Newuorkers are willing to pay even more money, just to get the eyebrows as thick as those of the Hollywood actress.

Megan Fox

The new fashion trend has spread at the speed of light all across the Big Apple – girls, women, and grandmothers pay stunning sums of money to have forehead implants and acquire some of Megan’s cherished features. According to plastic surgeons, their patients come directly with the photos of the actress and tell the doctors straightforward that they want the eyebrows like hers.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein (who conducts from 12 to 15 eyebrow transplants a month) assures his patients that the photo of the actress is not needed for he has already studied her image perfectly well. He remembers perfectly well the shape of the eyebrows and Fox’ line of hair growth. Her image is incredibly popular. According to Dr. Epstein, many women want to copy Kardashian’s eyebrows, but Megan Fox is certainly a favorite.

Plastic surgeons sigh with relief: in the 1990-s they had to transplant hair to create a hairdo “a la Rachel Green” (Jennifer Aniston’s character in the popular “Friends” series), but now the most popular procedure is reproducing Megan Fox’ brows.

Women can endure “the torturing procedure”, which lasts for three hours, and they are willing to pay an average of four to eight thousand dollars for it.

Well, one proves to be ready to lay so costly a sacrifice for the sake of beauty.

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